Vets in Rhine Ruhr

Medical support for the family friend

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When a dog or cat is feeling poorly, the two-legged members of the family suffer too. And when something more serious is amiss, then skilled help can be urgently required.

Vets in the Rhine Ruhr region are highly trained and professional. Generally they are also very caring, treat their patients lovingly and the pet owners with respect. Many suggest holistic treatments and are very persuasive on the topics of nutrition, weight and exercise. Vets will often give expat pet owners their mobile number in case of any emergencies.

A local vet in places in the Rhine Ruhr region can be searched by clicking “Tierärzteverzeichnis” on Bundesverband Praktizierender Tierärzte and then selecting the animal type in the new window, for instance the box for dogs or cats (Hunde, Katzen).

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