Pharmacies and Chemists in Rhine Ruhr

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Borders across Europe have been redrawn since the beginning. So too in Rhine Ruhr, leaving chemists answering to different organisations depending on location. A local pharmacy can be searched in the “Apothekenfinder” in the west and south of the region on Apothekerkammer Nordrhein or on Apothekenkammer Westfalen-Lippe to the east.

Pharmacies or chemists (Apotheke) tend to be small, more often under individual ownership but sometimes as a group and are found in basically every district of Rhine Ruhr. The traditional German red sign of an “A” for Apotheke can still be seen as well as the internationally recognised green cross.

Trained pharmacists will give free advice on how best to treat minor ailments, flue, colds, coughs and muscular aches and pains or indigestion. They sell a few medicines without a doctor’s prescription, offer toiletries and perfumes. Of course they supply stronger remedies, normally fulfilled from stock or within a few hours of ordering.

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