Health & Wellbeing in Rhine Ruhr

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The sports and health infrastructure in the Rhine Ruhr region is highly developed, supporting expats in their efforts to maintain good general wellbeing.

The English word “Wellness” has become popular with Germans and used in their language to mean pampering oneself. Numerous aspects fall under this category such as spas, gyms, jogging, cosmeticians and anything involving personal energy and appearance.

Saunas, steam baths, beauty treatments, oriental massages and spas coexist with sports centres, health centres and many clubs for yoga and sports activities. And beauticians, doctors, dentists and cosmetic surgeons. The tradition of using tanning salons is strong in this country, regardless of the health issues.

Health Clubs in Rhine Ruhr

Whether in Essen, Bonn, Cologne, Dortmund or Düsseldorf, all health clubs across the Rhine Ruhr region are keen to attract new people with a sports affinity and expats fit the bill. Especially since centres suffer from members letting their best intentions slip along with their membership.

Doctors in Rhine Ruhr

The medical profession in Rhine Ruhr is quite fragmented. General practitioners are normally approached first for treatment who then refer patients to a relevant specialist. These doctors focus on such areas as internal medicine, ear nose and throat, gynaecology and so on.

Herbalists in Rhine Ruhr

The herbalist method or homeopathic approach (Naturheilverfahren) takes an holistic (ganzheltich) approach to the body and general health. Numerous good German specialists in Rhine Ruhr have returned patients to better health through diet and homaeopathic therapy.


Vets in Rhine Ruhr

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Vets in the Rhine Ruhr region are highly trained and professional. Generally they are also very caring, treat their patients lovingly and the pet owners with respect. Vets will often give expat pet owners a mobile number in case of any emergencies and make many suggestions on care.


Dentists in Rhine Ruhr

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Dental practices in Rhine Ruhr are generally modern and very often equiped with the latest equipment. Even though many a visit to the dentist by an expat is forced by toothache, dental care has long been an important aspect of the national health system in Germany.


Pharmacies and Chemists in Rhine Ruhr

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Pharmacies or chemists (Apotheke) tend to be small, more often under individual ownership but sometimes as a group and are found in basically every district of Rhine Ruhr. The traditional red sign of an “A” can still be seen as well as the internationally recognised green cross.