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Welcome to Amazing Neuss, your comprehensive guide for expats. Covering the cozy Roman and Medieval town of Neuss on the Rhine and its surroundings.

Movie lovers can see some of the latest mainstream and art house movies down the road in English OV & OmU and other languages. Updated each and every week.

The fresh new design of Amazing Capitals launched in Valencia will be rolled out to Neuss in March 2020. Join us!


Clemens Sels Museum

The collections of the Clemens Sels Museum are unique in Germany. Highly respected among art enthusiasts, the museum possesses a curious variety of art and art history. Medieval paintings coexist alongside works by the Nazarenes, the Pre-Raphaelites and the French, Belgian and Dutch symbolists.

Exhibitions in Neuss


© Dimitrij Kozakov

Art venues and museums in Neuss and the region regularly present selections of their fine pieces. Unable to show their extensive works as a whole due to lack of space, these opportunities and regularly staged events present well researched and comprehensive insights.


Happenings in Neuss


© Uta Husmeier-Schirlitz

Every now and then something special takes place in Neuss. Such happenings can vary from celebrations to mark an opening or anniversary to a market or a one off concert. The community is quick to pick up on such events, creating gatherings large and small.


International Dance Weeks


Beautiful dance performance on stage
© Michael Clark Company

Outstanding dance performances in front of highly enthusiastic audiences provide the recipe for a unique stage experience in Neuss. International companies from New York and San Francisco in the US, Dundee and London in the UK and Hamburg in Germany are the recipe for beautiful experiences.


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The most most visible emergency service, the local police, are invariably courteous and professional and the diversity of cultural backgrounds of personnel is a pleasure to see. Both the fire brigade and the ambulance service are well equipped to handle emergencies.

Waste Disposal in Neuss

© Stadt Neuss

The local company that collects refuse is partly in the hands of the town of Neuss and the system is efficient and reliable. Aiming to save important resources, the Germans are famous for having one of the most efficient recycling systems in the world.


Utilities in Neuss

© Amazing Capitals / DeiaGreg

Local utilities corporations offer complete services, while a few national giants and lower priced competitors are also available to purchase power from. In Neuss, the local semi-public company belongs in part to Stadtwerke Neuss, which is owned by Stadt Neuss.


ISR International School on the Rhine

Students at the ISR in Neuss

ISR - International School on the Rhine in Neuss is an accredited, private and international all-day school starting at Kindergarten. Many choose ISR because the academic program prepares students for the world-wide renowned International Baccalaureate, simply known as IB.


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Health & Wellbeing

Nature Reserves

Walking in and around the countryside near Neuss, here and there a sign can be seen declaring a nature conservation area (Naturschutzgebiet). The protection and preservation of flora and fauna, ecosystems and endangered species is high on the agenda in the region and across Germany.


© Oliver Franke / Tourismus NRW e.V.

A patchwork of states both large and small has come into being in Germany. Since 1990 there are a total of sixteen federal states, some cities, others vast geographical regions. The country's federal system proudly spreads responsibility to many institutions.



© Oliver Franke / Tourismus NRW e.V.

North Rhine Westphalia (NRW) is Germany's largest federal state by population and fourth by overall size. Green meadows and woodlands, hilly and mountainous regions, agriculture and dense urban zones as well as forty-four rivers such as the Rhine and Ruhr define the state.


Amazing Capitals Valencia

© Rowan Green

Amazing Capitals Valencia is the latest in the portfolio of online location guide dedicated to the local expat community. A mosaic of aspects comes together on this English language eGuide published by a perpetual expat. Friendly Valencia boasts beautiful architecture, a vibrant atmosphere and a stunning beach.


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