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The Zeughaus (Arsenal) was built in the mid 17th century. Between 1637 and 1802 the ensemble of buildings served members of the Franciscan order as church and monastery. In 1699 the Franciscans opened their own theological training college in the monastery and took over the Jesuit grammar school. The building has been the property of the municipality of Neuss since 1803.

After the addition of two more storeys the church was initially leased to the Prussian State. From 1826 to 1864, a territorial regiment stationed in Neuss used the nave of the church as a storage depot for weapons, hence its name. Later, it was used as storage space by local businesses.

The church was converted into a theatre and concert hall with stage and viewing gallery in 1923. Severely bomb-damaged it was reinstated as a festival and concert venue in 1949. In 1952 it acquired an organ, but this was removed seventeen years later in the course of extensive restoration works.

From 1803 the erstwhile monastery building adjacent to the nave of the church housed a secondary school and then from 1852 to 1889 the state grammar school, which in 1875 became the royal grammar school. After its 1923 conversion a pub restaurant called the “Zeughausstübchen” was opened here. From 1925 to 1944 the monastery building became the headquarters of the Rheinisches Städtebundtheater (Rhine association of civic theatres).

For five years after the building’s restoration in the late 1940s the Neuss city council held its meetings there. Rebovated again in 1999, it is nowadays used as a multi-purpose venue for concerts and other functions.




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