Malls in Neuss

Significant shopping under one roof

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Neuss has a compact centre that is easy to navigate. Above and beyond that is a sprawling commercial complex located beside the river banks of the Rhine. A large, light and open shopping mall was erected alongside other outlets on the outskirts of Neuss to attract consumers from the larger region.

Fears of devastation of the inner town commercial environment have mostly been dispelled.

Rheinpark Center

Completed as recently as 2011, the Rheinpark Center has over 140 shops and is thus one of the largest shopping malls across the region. As can be assumed in a centre this large, the list of national and internationl brands is long, whether home entertainment, fashion or just a meal in the food court.

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Rheinpark Center Neuss

Breslauer Strasse 2-4

41460 Neuss , NRW


Phone: +49 2131 386 740

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