Children's Farmyard

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A few minutes drive out of the town centre in Neuss Selikum near the Reuschenberger Busch, a wonderful children’s farmyard (Kinderbauernhof) can be found. Geese, goats, sheep, horses and pigs live together in idyllic surroundings awaiting to be touched and stroked.

Here children and their parents can see and smell the atmosphere of a real farm. Rabbits, cockerels and chickens live contented lives amongst the larger animals.

The farm has been set up in 1978 specifically to introduce the impressions of the countryside to children who grow up in urban surroundings. There are many things to do and areas to play. The farm also offers a wide range of courses for children to gain more insights to the workings of a farm.



Kinderbauernhof Neuss

Nixhütter Weg 141

41466 Neuss-Selikum , NRW


Phone: +49 2131 90 33 21

Fax: +49 2131 90 33 70

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