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One of the great curiosities of the Germanic culture is the desire to form great parades in uniforms. The enthusiasm of German men to dress up in fancy clothing is only topped by their traditional ability to find many excuses to do so.

One such tradition in Neuss is the Schützenfest (Riflemen’s Festival), which dates back some 700 years. The history of this event is both fascinating and unusual.

Both the annual festival as well as the parades live on today and are as popular as ever before. Masses of people teem into Neuss to experience the events first hand.

In honour of the tradition, the Schützenmuseum was established in 2004 The collection is going from strength to strength, with local residents constantly donating. These complement the collection of the Neusser Bürger Schützen Verein and the pieces on loan from the Clemens Sels Museum.

The permanent exhibit tales in all the topics of the Riflemen and their history. New artifacts are being continuously integrated into the collection.



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