Museums in Neuss

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The most important institution in Neuss is the Clemens Sels Museum, which is quite a marvellous if architecturally somewhat challenged place. Much of their collection reflects the history of the location, people and traditions of Neuss, however, many more exhibits reflect their magnificent art collection.

In many cities, art is displayed in other locations besides museums, hence Clemens Sels Museum can be found in “Art Venues”.

A curiosity unique to Neuss is the Schützenmuseum.

Cybele Baptistry

It seems that the curious stone cellar from the late-antique period could only have been built after 300 A.D. but before 341 A.D. The structure was built from reused Roman bricks which probably came from a nearby sanctuary. It remains a unique discovery.

Schützen Museum

The enthusiasm of German men to dress up in fancy clothing is only topped by their ability to find many excuses to do so. One such tradition in Neuss is the Schützenfest, which dates back some 700 years. Many find the museum celebrating the event curious and fascinating.

Clemens Sels Museum

The collections of the Clemens Sels Museum are unique in Germany. Highly respected among art enthusiasts, the museum possesses a curious variety of art and art history. Medieval paintings coexist alongside works by the Nazarenes, the Pre-Raphaelites and the French, Belgian and Dutch symbolists.