Fast Food in Neuss

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Mostly tasty, normally far too fatty, containing few vitamins but quick. Fast food is something nearly all turn to at some time, when needing to grab a bite on the go.

The local snack bar (Imbiss) can be found on many streets serving typical national and traditional gastronomic specialties such as sausage (Wurst) or grilled chicken (Hähnchen).

Owing to the large population originating from countries such as Turkey, many great fast food places offer kebab (Döner), which seems to have been nationalised into the local diet. A great area to find these snack bars is next to the Romaneum.

Neuss has the usual American fast food chains McDonalds and Subway. KFC is located at the nearby motorway junction in Kaarst and Burger King can be found on the outskirts of Düsseldorf.


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