Schützenfest Neuss


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© Stadt Neuss Presseamt
© Stadt Neuss Presseamt
© Stadt Neuss Presseamt

Once again a literal translation fails to grasp reality. The Schützenfest (Riflemen’s Festival) is a huge annual event that excites young and old. Originally, many towns held practice sessions every year to ensure they were able to defend themselves. Nowadays, clay pigeons are shot at and destroyed to decide who will be prince for the festival.

The earliest mention of this historical tradition in Neuss concerns the Sebastianus Bruderschaft and is from 1415.

Later, in 1823 the permission was given for clay pigeon shooting and a parade to be held parallel to the funfair; today’s tradition was born. Each summer, numerous corps in their stunning uniforms march proudly through the centre of town.



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