Happenings in Neuss


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Every now and then something special takes place in Neuss. Such happenings can vary from celebrations to mark an opening or anniversary to a market or a one off concert. The community is quick to pick up on such events, creating gatherings large and small.

Exhibitions in Neuss


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Art venues and museums in Neuss and the region regularly present selections of their fine pieces. Unable to show their extensive works as a whole due to lack of space, these opportunities and regularly staged events present well researched and comprehensive insights.


Shakespeare Festival Neuss


Japanese image on stage of Shakespeare Festival
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The renowned Shakespeare Festival in Neuss is one of the most professional events to take place in the Rhine Ruhr region and Germany as a whole. The annual festival is held in the Globe theatre, which is a replica of the famed and reputed orignal structure from long ago. Performances in English and other languages.


Amazing Capitals Valencia

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Amazing Capitals Valencia is the latest in the portfolio of online location guide dedicated to the local expat community. A mosaic of aspects comes together on this English language eGuide published by a perpetual expat. Friendly Valencia boasts beautiful architecture, a vibrant atmosphere and a stunning beach.


Activity, Performance, Happening

March 17 – May 5
People I Met – Exhibition, Avraham Eilat
Kulturforum Alte Post

March 17 11 am
Musikstrolche im Konzert – Free

March 17 5 pm
Duokonzert – Chopin vs Rachmaninoff – Free

March 18 6:30 pm
Day of activities to celebrate one hundred years of the women’s vote in Germany.

March 21 7 pm
Bühne frei – Young Musicians – Tasten und mehr – Free

March 24 11 am
Das konzertierende Kollegium – Free

March 27 6 pm
Bläerspielkreiskonzert – Free

March 28 7 pm
Bühne frei – Young Musicians – Bläser und mehr – Free

April 4 pm
Bühne frei – Young Musicians – Blockflöten und mehr – Free

April 7 5 pm
Jazz im RomaNEum – Free

April 10 7 pm
Nüsser Tön im RomaNEum – Free tickets at Heimatfreunde, Michaelstrasse 67 or Einhorn, Büchel 21

April 11 7 pm
Bühne frei – Young Musicians – Streicher und mehr – Free