Kunst aus Neuss


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Painting of girl with basket in tempura on canvas
© Josef Kuchen, Mädchen mit Blumenschale

Since the 1940’s an ever expanding collection of works created by artists from Neuss and Rhine County Neuss has portrayed the inspired achievements of individuals in the region.

This year’s exhibit held in the Atelierhaus brings together a selection of 300 works from 47 artists such as Ekkehart Panek, Mark Andrä, Jutta Dunkel, Jeonghan Yun, Songnyeo Lyoo, Walter Urbach, Rüdiger Hempel, Annu Koistinen and Jennifer López Ayala.

Most exhibits are for sale, many of which are available for under € 300. They can make a great investment, souvenir or unique gifts.



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