One of a kind in Germany

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© Thomas Ludewig Neuss
© Thomas Ludewig Neuss
© Jörg Schanze Düsseldorf

Whilst Feld-Haus (field house) may translate literally and the building is in a field, the name of the museum is actually derived from its donator.

Over the years Irmgard Feldhaus managed to put together a collection of over five thousand prints, which she donated to the town of Neuss in 2006. Completed in 2010 by architect Per Kirkeby, the building houses the most comprehensive collection of its kind in Germany.

The museum of popular graphic art prints covers four centuries. It reveals an enormous range of topics including royalty, religion, greetings cards and early versions of stories and pictures that perhaps led to today’s comics.



Feld-Haus - Museum für populäre Druckgrafik

Berger Weg 5

41472 Neuss , NRW


Phone: +49 2131 904 141

Fax: +49 2131 902 472

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