Art Venues in Neuss

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© Amazing Capitals / Greg
© Amazing Capitals / Greg
© Amazing Capitals / Greg

Interest in the arts is strong in Germany. Fortunately, this holds true amongst those holding the purse strings in local, regional and national government as well. Patronage is also high.

And Neuss is no exception. The results of strong private sponsoring of highly diverse art venues are stunning; long-standing collections go hand in hand with inspiring regular exhibitions. Art venues and art museums can be found downtown and on the periphery of Neuss.


Towns and cities are fairly easy to navigate on a bicycle, distances between them can be quite daunting on two wheels though. The local public transport systems allow bikes on most trams at most times of the day. Official paths for cycling can be recognised by a typical red colour.

Public Transport in Neuss

Modern and clean, buses make their speedy journeys throughout the town and across the county to outlying villages. Two tram lines operate through and from Neuss. The VRR organisation, which links services in the Rhine Ruhr and Lower Rhine regions enables tickets to be used on longer journeys.

Langen Foundation

Designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando, the Langen Foundation is a stunning, inspiring exhibition space. Well-balanced interaction is achieved with the Japanese collection, Buddhist sculptures and art from China, Korea, Africa Egypt, ancient Greece and Persia.


Clemens Sels Museum

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The collections of the Clemens Sels Museum are unique in Germany. Highly respected among art enthusiasts, the museum possesses a curious variety of art and art history. Medieval paintings coexist alongside works by the Nazarenes, the Pre-Raphaelites and the French, Belgian and Dutch symbolists.



© Thomas Ludewig Neuss

The Feld-Haus museum of over five thousand popular graphic art prints covers four centuries. The most comprehensive collection of its kind in Germany reveals an enormous range of topics including royalty, religion, greetings cards and early versions of stories and pictures.


Insel Hombroich

© Stadt Neuss Presseamt

Insel Hombroich offers fresh meadows, parkland, ponds, riverbanks, fascinating modern buildings, open-air artworks and unusual exhibits in the galleries and pavilions. The area can be described as a vast interaction of architecture, nature, art and culture.