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The landscape of the area in and around Neuss has been strongly shaped and influenced by the waters of the rivers that flow past.

The Rhine

The busiest waterway of Europe, the Rhine river, with 1,320 kilometers (820 miles), is one of the longest. It is certainly one of the most important for the domestic economy. Neuss has a larges inland harbour on the Rhine.

The Erft

One of many tributaries of the Rhine, the source of the Erft is in Ahrgebirge in the Eifel. 103 kilometres in length, it flows in a north-eastern direction and flows into the Rhine by Neuss-Grimlinghausen. Numerous castles, palaces, monasteries and convents were built along this beautiful river.

The Nette

The Nette is a small, picturesque river in the Lower Rhine area. It flows through various the lakes and ends it’s journey by Wachtendonk. The small river has shaped a delightful landscape in the countryside leaving magnificent scenery.