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One of the first impressions a foreigner experiences when arriving in Germany is a lack of smiling faces.

While many international visitors wonder about relatively serious expressions extended towards them by German folks, those same Germans travelling abroad encounter pure strangers smiling at them in other cultures.

Back at home, many say they would adore experiencing the phenomenon in their own country. Also, German friends, acquaintances and clients of your writer say they love to smile yet mostly wait for the other person to do so.

But there really are so many reasons to smile, so why wait for others? It’s healthy and it makes oneself and others feel good.

Having seen the success on one of our marketing campaigns a few years ago on Amazing Dusseldorf in Düsseldorf, we decided to broaden the idea and help. Germany’s Great offers up the Smile Days Project to help to bring that easy feeling to German streets, neighbourhoods, towns and the whole country.

So join in. Present your smile, inspire others and make every day a smile day.


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