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German is a command language and as such sounds somewhat rough. Structure and vocabulary offer a formal and an informal way of addressing others. Also Germans tend to be more stand-offish and often more self conscious or insecure than many other nationalities.

That adds up to millions of people wasting time and effort fumbling with one or other form of speech. Because the rules of interaction have long been crumbling in German society. The “Sie” and the “Du” no longer stand alone representing ways of behavioural patterns.

Nearly every German your writer has spoken to wishes to dispose of the phenomenon. All naturally wish to maintain the possibility of demanding respect when the formal form (Sie) is lost. Some feel respect acquired solely through the intonation and the strength of the spoken word is a somewhat difficult concept to comprehend.

But it’s so simple. Especially if we are all doing it.

Numerous infectious individuals, young and old have already started. Politicians do it. Children do it. Even some news presenters and reporters on several TV channels have recently commenced it. But it doesn’t really work yet. Middle-aged men and some women seem to weave their way through the language self-consciously avoiding the formal and the informal form of speech. It is painful to experience and a major waste of energy.

Why bother? Well, actually it seems most of Germany wants it.

The promise of a more openly happy society also means it’s worth it. Germany’s Great may be a peculiar place to spread the craze but then again, why not? If German publications don’t run with the story then we would like to reflect upon the seriousness of the topic in true German fashion. We feel many thousands of people will be inspired to start to help loosen up society.

The Nordic and Scandinavian countries have shown us how it can be done and hey, they continue to prove how beneficial it is to each and every person.

We welcome you to join in. Say Du!


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