Written by Philipp Schiwek and last edited by Garry on


Germany is naturally a modern society and works closely to OECD guidelines. So the culture of bribing or the offering of a tip to officials and the police is considered abusive and offensive. Salaries in Germany are generally good; intentions of corruption are frowned upon and not welcomed.

However, as can be periodically read in various studies and press reports, the corporate world is somewhat different. High-level scandals have been rocking the boat in very traditional companies for some time and heads of large companies have rolled.

Avoiding tax is deemed another matter. The rich pass funds into safe havens across the border and the black market economy is rife in such areas as home help, repairs and renovation.

On an interesting note, Germany is, at the time of writing, one of only a few countries worldwide where parliament refuses to implement anti-corruption legislation for its members. The majority of the population’s representatives seem offended by the mere thought that they may be anything but open and honest!