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Neuss is a rather compact place to navigate. The town centre itself consists of a few crisscrossing streets with manageable distances. The main commercial and office districts are a few kilometres away. Public transport and taxis abound.

Getting to and from the city is fairly easy too. Trains depart from Neuss railway station to interconnect in neighbouring Düsseldorf, as do the trams.

Düsseldorf International airport is less than half an hour away. Other airports in Weeze, Dortmund and Cologne offer fewer destinations and are much further away.

Taxi in Neuss

Taxis in Neuss are modern and clean, mostly Mercedes and always beige. And compared to many other countries, they also offer good value for money. If there are none driving past to hail, the numbers to ring are either +49 2131 222 222 or +49 2131 880 088. A ride will then arrive fairly quickly.


The motorway (autobahn) infrastructure in central North Rhine Westphalia (NRW) is extremely dense and use of the complete road system is heavy. Besides showing current traffic jams, the transport ministry has an excellent system to predict the situation ahead of time.


The major rail operator in Germany, the enormous Deutsche Bahn, runs trains to and from Neuss. A local competitor the company known as Regio Bahn runs a very popular, regular scheduled service to the east and west of the town. Most tickets in the VRR region are valid on local and regional trains.



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Neuss is easy to navigate on a bike. Official paths for cycling can be recognised by a typical red colour. One-way streets that can be used on a bicycle against the flow of traffic show a sign with a bike and the word free (frei). In places, cyclists have their own traffic lights.


Public Transport in Neuss

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Modern and clean, buses make their speedy journeys throughout the town and across the county to outlying villages. Two tram lines operate through and from Neuss. The VRR organisation, which links services in the Rhine Ruhr and Lower Rhine regions enables tickets to be used on longer journeys.


Airport Getaway

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Düsseldorf Airport offers easy access to Neuss via taxi and public transport. Besides access via the Sky Train, the suspended monorail, the rail network can be joined by bus. Located a mere ten kilometres from downtown Düsseldorf, getting to and from this easy airport is trouble free.