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The gathering of reliable and factual information relies largely upon prior definition of categorisation. On the whole, the population of Neuss is increasing and has been increasing steadily for many years. Statistics available show a population well above 150,000 of which foreigners amount to over 12%.

That is a high percentage of foreigners and has to do with definition as well as passports. Many people defined as foreigners have lived in Neuss for decades and plan to continue doing so. Of the foreigners, almost a third come from Turkey. Almost another third come from EU countries, the most from Greece, Portugal, Poland, Italy, Croatia and The Netherlands respectively.

One interesting fact is that, according to projections through to 2030, if foreigners stopped settling in Neuss, the demographic development would be catastrophic. Some twelve thousand fewer people would reside in Neuss, causing budget deficits and consequences for schools, social systems, jobs, investments and infrastructures.

No wonder Neuss respects its foreign residents.



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