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Neuss makes the claim of being a vibrant urban environment yet small enough not to get lost. True. Town activities focus on a main axis from the central railway station to the old Roman gateway. Radiating out into calm green residential areas, the trip downtown is thus just a short walk away for many residents.

In terms of ambiance, steady investment over recent years has brought the place firmly back on the path to former glory. It is attractive to businesses as the list of company relocations reveals.

Surprisingly cosmopolitan, the presence of residents with foreign roots of various nationalities is highly noticeable.


Germany and its diverse regions are characterized by the unique culture of their people and their contact to the geographical location. Strong regional traditions and autonomous political landscapes have preserved a rich cultural heritage from early times of settlement.

Twin Towns

Neuss created a partnership with Châlons-en-Champagne in France as early as 1972. Five international commitments followed; in 1990 with Pskow in Russia and Rijeka in Croatia, Saint Paul in the USA in 1999 and Nevşehir and Bolu in Turkey in 2007 and 2009 respectively.

Urban Feel

Neuss is nestled along the riverbank and harbour of the Rhine and is located in the western heart of the state of North Rhine Westphalia. The town combines a peaceful coexistence of industry and nature where ancient towers and walls reveal an existence reaching back over 2,000 years.


Local History

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Neuss was founded by the Romans in 16 BC as a military fortification, on the confluence of the rivers Rhine and Erft, under the name of Novaesium. The Holy Roman Empire, fire, Napoleon, Prussia, growth and decline have all helped to shape the town of today.


Neuss Düsseldorfer Häfen

Harbour crane with barge docked in Neuss
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The company's intelligent world of logistics offers cleverly combined services at ports in Neuss and Düsseldorf, Krefeld and Cologne. Beyond ports and waterways, rail haulage enables Neuss Düsseldorfer Häfen to offer a trimodal combination of efficient and low impact forms of transportation of goods.



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Neuss is greener than first meets the eye. A stone’s throw away from the center, a park runs the length of the city directly next to the Erftmühlengraben. The path leads to the rose garden (Rosengarten). The Alte Stadtgarten, Neuer Stadtgarten and botanic garden also appeal.