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Amazing Capitals groups can be found on some relevant social networks.

Neuss and its surrounding towns and villages can be a little lonely for foreigners, especially those whose German is not up to scratch. Local culture is unique and the habit of popping down the pub before the journey home from work is not as widespread as in other countries. Posts on several websites and queries to Amazing Capitals emphasize the situation.

Facebook for Neuss

Amazing Capitals has its own page on Facebook to enable readers in places such as Neuss to stay up to date and to join others. Visit the Amazing Capitals Page, start liking and make friends with others in the region. Regular posts include updates, events and happenings.

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Google+ for Neuss

Amazing Capitals is on Google+ to enable readers in places such as Neuss to see what's relevant. Visit the "Amazing Capitals Profile, start following and inform others. Check also posts in the Events in Neuss section for most of what goes on during the year.

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LinkedIn for Neuss

The Amazing group has been created for LinkedIn members to enable posts about events and activities in such places as Neuss. Visit the Linked in Amazing Group, get connected and feel free to invite others to join.

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Twitter for Neuss

Amazing Capitals has an account on Twitter to place events and smaller happenings for Neuss and its surrounding villages. Follow the Amazing Capitals Twitter Account, get informed about interesting stuff and find others who do likewise.

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Xing for Neuss

The Amazing Capitals group was created on the Xing network with forums to enable threads and posts in places such as Neuss and surrounding towns and villages. Visit the XING Amazing Capitals Group, get connected and invite others to join the group.

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