Get in touch with others in a similar situation

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Get together for events and meet up for a bite or a drink in Neuss and the region. Some international and bilateral clubs welcome expats who enjoy the opportunity to get together with other English speakers. Listen to after dinner talks, speeches on current topics and meet with other residents from home and abroad.

And Amazing Capitals has also set up groups on a few of the social networks to help readers get connected, if they so wish.

International Clubs in Neuss

Whether the Deutsch-Amerikanische Gesellschaft and the Deutsch-Chinesischen Gesellschaft in Neuss or other clubs based in nearby Düsseldorf, the opportunities to meet other expats and foreign business travellers in the region are rather extensive.

Popular Spots in Neuss

Expats sometimes gather in a neighbourhood locality of choice and word spreads. These almost spontaneous get-togethers can become tradition. Word spreads slowly that foreigners can appear and meet others. Any such places in discovered in Neuss will be posted for readers.

Social Networks

Neuss and its surrounding towns and villages can be a little lonely for foreigners, especially those whose German is not up to scratch. Local culture is unique and the habit of popping down the pub before the journey home from work is not so widespread. Social networks may be of help.