Pre-School for the young ones

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The opportunity for young children to experience social contacts from an early age can be priceless. As can the ability for mothers to otherwise occupy their time. Yet conservative and socialist state governments throughout Germany have been tackling the expensive task of universal coverage for many, many years.

Of course most are German, besides the ISR in Neuss possibilities exist farther afield in Düsseldorf. The links will redirect to Amazing Dusseldorf.

ISR Kindergarten

The curriculum teaches students to become global citizens through the appreciation of commonalities and through the celebration of differences. Instruction is in English while daily language teaching in German enables discovery of culture and customs.

Kindergarten Everest

The quality-oriented education and teaching program helps the children to discover the pleasures of comprehensive learning. An education that covers school subjects in the same way as love and value teaching, provides important conditions for a good start into life.