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Courses in the Kulturforum Alte Post

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The Kulturforum Alte Post is quite an impressive place. Since the late 1980s the old post office, which was built in 1879 has been a very diverse cultural centre. The art and theatre school is housed on one of its floors. It offers courses in a wide spectrum of aspects including theatre, music theatre and dance. Courses are open to many age groups.

The city’s gallery stages regular exhibitions in the fascinating ambiance of spaces within the building too.

The building houses a delightful café and bistro on the ground floor with a large terrace that offers its own great atmosphere especially on sunny days.



Kulturforum Alte Post

Neustrasse 28

41460 Neuss , NRW


Phone: +49 2131 904 122

Fax: +49 2131 902 494

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