Utilities in Neuss

Electricity, gas, water, waste, recycling

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© Amazing Capitals / DeiaGreg
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Local utilities corporations offer complete services, while a few national giants and lower priced competitors are also available to purchase power from. In Neuss it is possible to order power, gas and water all from the same semi-public owned utility company, Stadtwerke Neuss, which is owned by Stadt Neuss.

Waste disposal is a highly complex matter, with competition relatively low. Recycling is traditionally very strong in Germany as a whole, with stores legally obliged to dispose of packaging if the customer so desires.

Expect similar confusing tariffs for power as in other countries. Once the deal has been signed, commitment can be quite lengthy, normally twelve months.


In Germany, the cost of electricity is not normally included in the additional charges (Nebenkosten) when renting a house or flat, so a decision needs to be made concerning power supplies. Stadtwerke Neuss is the local utilities company of choice.


The tap water in Neuss possesses such a high quality that it does not need to be chlorinated. On its way to the consumer, water is treated and cleaned through an extensive process. By then it is highly drinkable, however, Germans still generally drink mineral water.


While consumers in Neuss can choose between many suppliers, a majority of inhabitants rely on the Stadtwerke Neuss. Since 1883, the portfolio of today's company has steadily been moulded to fulfill all the perceived needs of the residents of Neuss.