Television in Neuss

Watching yet not understanding TV

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Television in Neuss is understandably in German. As opposed to Scandinavian countries, if a foreign series, soap, or movie is shown, then it is dubbed. Programmes are extremely seldom shown in the original, often English or American language with or without subtitles.

Along with its southern neighbours such as France and Spain, the business of translating and dubbing into German is huge. Some say this is a disadvantage to the young, pointing to the language capabilities of Scandinavian and Nordic nationalities.

Mobile streaming of TV prorgrammes is highly limited due to licensing issues, which leaves just a few channels such as CNN and BBC World available on cable or satellite. Depending upon the home, one or the other should already be installed.

Some expats say it is possible to trick the system and install freeview systems imported from abroad. A Google search reveals more. Others enjoy the opportunity to get a feel for the phonetics of German and help in learning the language.