Telecoms providers in Neuss

Selecting from a choice of packages

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© Amazing Capitals / DeiaGreg
© Amazing Capitals / DeiaGreg

It is over ten years ago, long before social networks or the spread of the web, since the state monopoly on the phone system in Germany ceased. Many new and diverse players have entered and the market developed. The old, privatised champion Telekom has reinvented itself several times and numerous mobile companies established themselves. The largest providers players in Neuss are are Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom as well as E-Plus and O2 and Unity Media.

As in other countries, mobile (Mobil) and land line (Festnetz) operations have separated and reunited. Complete packages for mobile, land line, internet broadband, mobile broadband and tv can be obtained from several suppliers. It is naturally also possible to pick and choose.

Unfortunately, still today, competition between companies is so fierce that often the battle is fought at the expense of consumers. Some customers wishing to change to another provider have spoken of disastrous periods of no service at all. However, prices have fallen drastically in the market and service on the whole has improved quite well, yet still down to the individual.

Land Line in Neuss

The benefit of a land line is a stable infrastructure and, some believe, the ability to converse in a calmer manner on a more normal or old fashioned phone in the home. Another is the ability to possess a very fast internet connection for all web-based activities and streaming tv.

Internet in Neuss

Many providers of internet and web access vie for customers who have mobile broadband requirements or need a connection to the home. The number of contracts with longer commitments is vast and prepaid deals can be purchased for mobile broadband.

Mobiles in Neuss

The two largest companies are Vodafone and Telekom, with E-Plus and O2 hard on their heels. Low cost competition has been on the rise for some time. Contracts with or without the purchase of a phone or smartphone are available as are prepaid or pay as you go.