Labour Day in Neuss

May Day and Dance into May the night before

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May Day or Labour Day has traditionally been a politically heated national public holiday in Germany. It is linked with the topics of work, human rights and freedoms. Today, many demonstrations and marches organised by unions and interested parties take place across the country.

The real fun starts the night before with the annual Tanz in den Mai (Dance into May). It is a very special night of celebration in many parts of Europe with roots steeped in history. In Germany traditions including bonfires, the wrapping of the Maypole, dancing and partying into the early hours. And for the romantics at heart, the giving of a tree wrapped in streamers by an admirer.

Historically, witches night (Walpurgisnacht) was a Pagan tradition where witches saw in the arrival of spring. It has however, changed somewhat over time and now the focus is on music and dancing the night away.