Tax Consultants in Neuss

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Working as an expatriate abroad is of course a highly interesting personal experience. And getting to know the local foreign culture becomes part of the package, whether halfway around the globe or in a neighbouring European Union country.

Mistakes made upon arrival can cost dearly and a tax consultant can be one of the most important partners to acquire early. Germany does not have a policy of separating state and church. To the contrary. Church tax is deducted directly from pay from the moment a simple box declaring religious ties has been ticked. That might be fine for many, not so for others. Especially since this rather large sum is non-refundable.

Tax consultants obviously advise all other aspects of being an expat in Neuss.

Erkens Gerow Schmitz Zeiss

Professionals at EGSZ, Erkens Gerow Schmitz Zeiss, focus on the needs of Expats and their employers, enabling expert guidance with tax, social security and legal needs. Competent tax and legal experts assist and support from settling, throughout the stay and, importantly, beyond eventual departure.

Rechts- und Steuerberatung Schmidt

A law and tax firm offering comprehensive legal and tax advice and support for expatriates and companies in the context of international assignments. Long-standing expertise in the field of national and international tax law helps clients confront complex tax regulations that are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Invest in Neuss

Neuss is a unique place to benefit from the opportunities that Germany presents. The location is compact yet fulfils all the requirements of investors. Neuss is a centre of trade as well as dynamic service and manufacturing industries, Its connectivity is excellent, and it offers businesses an impressive infrastructure.