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Professionals to assist expats during their stay

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Those used to being provided with excellent service at home may need to rethink some expectations when abroad. The emotional relationships to clients differ in every country and can certainly be different in Germany.

The language barrier is a fact where translation of different thought processes complicate matters. Friction can arise through differing expectations and because of misunderstandings during conversation. Also, the knowledge, or lack thereof, of regional specifics of technical processes can further confuse matters.

Many companies and individual professionals excel at what they do. Some are specialised in helping expats in Neuss through expert advise, services and abilities.

Style Coach

Thekla Tillmann likes to bring out a person’s best. To achieve this goal, she offers a variety of services including event dressing, personal wardrobe checks and store checks. Together with her cooperating partners she advises in all aspects to create that individual perfect look.

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Thekla Tillmann

Kleine Lange Hecke 17e

41564 Kaarst , NRW


Phone: +49 171 487 7558 Mobile

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Tali Lichtenfeld

With a background in HR, organizational behavior and psychology as well as an expat herself, Tali Lichtenfeld specialises in coaching expatriates. Especially those going through a move to a foreign country feeling lost and others whose life, career and relationships are all changing.

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Coaching Beyond Borders

41564 Kaarst , NRW


Phone: +49 172 975 9012 Mobile

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Tax Consultants in Neuss

Mistakes made upon arrival can cost dearly so a tax consultant can be one of the most important partners to acquire early. Germany does not separate state and church. To the contrary. Church tax is deducted directly from pay from the moment a simple box declaring religion has been ticked.

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