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The banks in Germany are pretty much as in any country. The branches of the big banks can be found scattered across town keeping plenty of people in employment and offering services over the counter. The largest retail banks are Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank. The Sparkasse group (savings banks) offer a local organisation in virtually every neighbourhood of Germany.

Personal Banking in Neuss

Those wishing for a more personal touch could turn to a local branch and speak to a freindly human being. Beyond banking, the savings banks have a mandate to support the local community through diverse activities. Many web versions of banks roam the marketplace, some of which are subsidiaries of larger, traditional ones. Banks offer internet banking, mostly in German.

Free accounts are seldom available and costs for simply fulfilling the need to receive and transfer money are high compared with many other places including the UK.

Part of the Euro Zone

One of the greatest advantages of opening a bank account in the Euro zone is that movement of funds is treated as local regardless of whether from Neuss to Paris, Helsinki, Barcelona or elsewhere. The transfer is normally free of charge, unlike a whopping fee of several pounds sterling for each and every transaction from UK banks to a Euro account.

Careful, most banks charge fees for withdrawing cash on cards issued by a competitor. One strange quirk of the German system is that cash dispensers never supply a receipt for withdrawals. No option is available. Now that is a surprise for the most correct people on the planet.

Renowned private bankers such as HSBC Trinkaus & Burghardt, Merck Finck or Sal. Oppenheim can also be found in Germany.

By the way, should the cancellation of lost or stolen cards become necessary the national number 116 116 can be called free of charge.

ISR Info Day

Young students at the ISR International School Rhine

Parents and students are welcome to attend the Internatiuonal Spring Festival at ISR International School on the Rhine on May 4. Learn all about the school's academic program and extracurricular activities offered on their modern campus just a few minutes from downtown Düsseldorf. Education from kindergarden to grade 12.


International Dance Weeks


Beautiful dance performance on stage
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Outstanding dance performances in front of highly enthusiastic audiences provide the recipe for a unique stage experience in Neuss. International companies from New York and San Francisco in the US, Dundee and London in the UK and Hamburg in Germany are the recipe for beautiful experiences.


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