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Keeping healthy in Neuss

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© Amazing Capitals / DeiaGreg
© Amazing Capitals / DeiaGreg
© Amazing Capitals / DeiaGreg

The English word wellness has been introduced to the German language and come to signify pampering oneself. English speakers might say wellbeing. And since a good few Germans, including the residents of Neuss, take much care of themselves and invest in personal appearance, much is on offer for expat’s good health.

Saunas, steam baths, beauty treatments, oriental massages and spas coexist with sports centres, health centres and all manner of clubs for yoga and sports activities. Curiously, tanning salons are ten a penny in this country.

Sports Clubs

Germans thoroughly enjoy sports and keeping fit, which is reflected in the number of clubs (Vereine) in Neuss. Some one hundred and twenty five sports clubs are registered. For expats wishing to take up sports with others, a sport art can be found for virtually all healthy-minded.


Two golf courses are in use at Hummelbachaue. They have a challenging eighteen hole course with several streams, ponds and bunkers as well as a nine hole course for the less experienced. The largest training centre in Germany also awaits players.

Health Clubs

Several different health clubs are located in Neuss. Some are nationally branded such as Fitness First and Kieser Training, others are more individual. One may have a particular focus in training for women, others are experts on back dificulties.