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Welcome to Amazing Neuss, your comprehensive guide for expats. Covering the cozy Roman and Medieval town of Neuss on the Rhine and its surroundings.

The ISR International School on the Rhine is offering their popular Summer school again this year. This excellent opportunity for children and their parents is available for one, two or the full three weeks from July 2. ISR students and non-students from kindergarten through grade 8 are welcome.

To assist expats, local authorities and businesses, the first Amazing Capitals eBook is now published. Whilst it covers neighbouring Düsseldorf, much of the content is relevant to Neuss. If demand requires, a local version could be released. Enjoy over 50 pages of new articles, excerpts from the eGuide plus a few personal stories. Free to download and available to share, no sign up required.

Movie lovers can see some of the latest releases and art house movies down the road in English OV & OmU and other languages. Updated each and every week.


Summer Night Run

Early in the summer in Neuss, a course with a distance of a few hundred metres to several kilometres is laid out across the town. Participants of all ages either run short lengths or three loops for the five kilometres or six loops for the ten kilometres race.

Workspace Art Neuss and County


© Stadt Neuss

Artists located in Neuss and several other towns of Rhine County Neuss open their studios again, inviting the general public to view their space, methods and to reveal their works of art. The event known as Arbeitsplatz Kunst takes place over two whole weekends.


Happenings in Neuss


© Theater Töfte

Every now and then something special takes place in Neuss. Such happenings can vary from celebrations to mark an opening or anniversary to a market or a one off concert. The community is quick to pick up on such events, creating gatherings large and small.


Shakespeare Festival Neuss


Japanese image on stage of Shakespeare Festival
© The HandleBards

The renowned Shakespeare Festival in Neuss is one of the most professional events to take place in the Rhine Ruhr region and Germany as a whole. The annual festival is held in the Globe theatre, which is a replica of the famed and reputed orignal structure from long ago. Performances in English and other languages.


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Utilities in Neuss

Local utilities corporations offer complete services, while a few national giants and lower priced competitors are also available to purchase power from. In Neuss, the local semi-public company belongs in part to Stadtwerke Neuss, which is owned by Stadt Neuss.

ISR Summer School


Children playing tug-o-war at the ISR International School Rhine

The ISR International School on the Rhine is again offering a Summer School during 2018. This is an opportunity for ISR students and non-students from kindergarten through grade 8 to participate in a unique experience in an international multilingual school environment which is both educational and fun.


Essentials and the new eBook

© Amazing Capitals / DeiaGreg

When moving to a new home in Germany, a few regulations need to be followed. Germany has rules for everything and, as they say, if it isn't regulated then it's not permitted. A few insights and relevant information are packaged in the new eBook. Designed especially to assist the transition to a new home in Düsseldorf.


ISR International School on the Rhine

Students at the ISR in Neuss

ISR - International School on the Rhine in Neuss is an accredited, private and international all-day school starting at Kindergarten. Many choose ISR because the academic program prepares students for the world-wide renowned International Baccalaureate, simply known as IB.


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Economic Development Neuss

The Office of Economic Development is the perfect agency to assist foreign companies and small businesses to fulfil their investment plans. Whether new to Germany from overseas or relocating, full support is on offer to set up business in this dynamic location. Support is offered through an experienced team of advisers.

Local History

© Amazing Capitals / Greg

Neuss was founded by the Romans in 16 BC as a military fortification, on the confluence of the rivers Rhine and Erft, under the name of Novaesium. The Holy Roman Empire, fire, Napoleon, Prussia, growth and decline have all helped to shape the town of today.


Neuss Düsseldorfer Häfen

Harbour crane with barge docked in Neuss
© Neuss Düsseldorfer Häfen

The company's intelligent world of logistics offers cleverly combined services at ports in Neuss and Düsseldorf, Krefeld and Cologne. Beyond ports and waterways, rail haulage enables Neuss Düsseldorfer Häfen to offer a trimodal combination of efficient and low impact forms of transportation of goods.


Mayor's Greeting

© Stadt Neuss Presseamt

As Mayor of Neuss, I am proud of the high service attitudes within our administrative departments. Expats choose to live here, take up employment with local and international corporations or locate their business to this ideal urban space. Enjoy discovering more about our friendly town.


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