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Upcoming events include a meeting of the DBG, the fabulous Rundgang for art-lovers and the crazy days of carnival. Meanwhile, new release and current English and other original language movies are on offer in the theatres of Düsseldorf again this week.

The comprehensive Amazing Dusseldorf expat guide for the state capital of NRW features specially selected articles that view life from the standpoint of expats and business visitors. Düsseldorf is international, friendly and offers a high quality of life to its residents.


Ferris Wheel

The "Wheel of Vision" is an impressive structure placed on the Burgplatz next to both the Rhine promenade and the old town (Altstadt). Its forty two capsules offer spectacular views across the river, the town and, during the dark evening hours until they are removed, the Christmas markets and decorations.

Movies and Films


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Among their others, the latest new release English language original version movie showing in CineStar is "Mortdecai". Filmkunstkinos have chosen the Italian/French film "Incompresa" and English film "Birdman" alongside many other OmU films in Spanish and Swedish.


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Expat Experts

In a new country, not only the language differs but also thought processes. Complications and frictions can be reduced by working with specialists that have worked with expats. A possible added advantage is if they have themselves lived abroad and thus experienced being in a similar situation.

Club News

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Many foreign and German nationals get together in international clubs in Düsseldorf. They include organisations for the British, Americans, Japanese, French and more. Offering a variety of activities, several also organise meetings open to non members.


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The Harbour

New structures in the harbour have been erected in a rather eclectic and hapazard way to reveal a modern and lively and diverse mix of businesses interspersed with an increasing number of residential properties. Some older buildings have been renovated or extended.

Street Art

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Many examples of street art can be found tucked away in residential side streets and more openly on house frontages or bridges. Kiefernstrasse is an exciting street to visit. In Düsseldorf, graffiti has outlived its day and property or vehicles are less defaced in most places.


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