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The amazing Funfair is the event of the summer in Düsseldorf and has been for over a hundred years. Visitors flock to the the pop up village on the river bank in Oberkassel each and every day, especially Friday when the stunning firework display itakes place just after dark.

As usual English and other original language movies are on screens in the Filmkunstkinos and Cinestar.

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Gourmet Festival

The Düsseldorf Gourmet Festival is an explosion of impressions for all the senses. Quality wines and other beverages, delicious foods and tasty delicacies are on offer along the stunning Königsallee. Over one hundred exhibitors are packed along the Kö and some 30.000 visitors are expected.



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Millions of visitors flock to the funfair to enjoy new and traditional funfair rides, roller coasters, carousels and to partake of tasty foods and beverages. Police and protection associations help to ensure safety but traffic restrictions are high and roads are impacted locally.


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Gas in Düsseldorf

Large players on the national market for natural gas include RWE Dea and E.ON Ruhrgas. While consumers in Düsseldorf are free to choose between many suppliers, a majority of residents rely on the Stadtwerke Düsseldorf. Gas comes from Norway, The Netherlands and Germany.

Dentists in Düsseldorf

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Most Germans tend to take good care of their teeth, not only due to regular daily brushing but through professional cleaning. While many people used to be forced to visit the dentist by toothache, dental care has long been a fundamental aspect of the insurance system.


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Looking at the skyline from one of the bridges that cross the Rhine, Dusseldorf may at first seem rather modest. However fine sights abound with street art, Germany's first skyscraper, the stunning theatre house, the Königsallee hive of luxury and "the longest bar in the world".

Mayor's Greeting

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The attractiveness of Düsseldorf as a place to both live and work is the number one motivation for highly qualified professionals from Germany and abroad to move here. Our goal is for you and your family’s experiences in Düsseldorf to exceed your expectations.


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