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Düsseldorf has come alive with various events in May. The Jazz Rally and Christopher Street Day festivities take place over the Whitsun weekend. And at the end of the month the Japan Day delights with vivid impressions and bright firework images in the sky after dark. Meanwhile, the English and other original language movies are on cinema screens too.

Next door in Neuss the Shakespeare Festival celebrates its twenty-fifth year with a programme that includes many English productions plus both a Portugese and a Catalan performance. From the end of May. Tray too the Ruhrfestspiele in Recklinghausen with French and English pieces. On now.

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Japan Day

Taking place on a Saturday, an explosion of impressive events and activities are staged in the old town and along the promenade throughout the day and into the evening. Most visitors to the Japan Day remain till after dark to watch the renowned beauty of the stunning Japanese firework display.

Jazz Rally


© Düsseldorfer Jazz Rally

The annual Dusseldorfer Jazz Rally offers performances by renowned artists and newcomers that inspire audiences year after year. Some concerts are free, most through purchasing the Jazz Rally badge, offering terrific value for money for over 70 events.


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Expat Experts in Düsseldorf

In a new country, not only the language differs but also thought processes. Complications and frictions can be reduced by working with specialists that have worked with expats. A possible added advantage is if they have themselves lived abroad and thus experienced being in a similar situation.

Anglican Church

© Amazing Capitals / DeiaGreg

The evangelical church is a member of the Anglican Diocese of Europe providing a spiritual home for international English-speakers in the Düsseldorf and Ruhr region. Its members are varied in background, age, and denominational heritage.


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Looking at the skyline from one of the bridges that cross the Rhine, Dusseldorf may at first seem rather modest. However fine sights abound with street art, Germany's first skyscraper, the stunning theatre house, the Königsallee hive of luxury and "the longest bar in the world".

Society & Folk

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Anyone who has experienced the hospitality offered by German society knows how peaceful the place is. This country and the folk here have changed much over recent years and people are much more laid back, friendly and humerous than first meets the eye.


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