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Cinema goers and film boffs may enjoy the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen which takes place between May 5-10 this year nearby in the Ruhr Metropolis. Find out more about the Ruhr on the Amazing Ruhr regional expat guide.

The next major event in Düsseldorf is the Jazz Rally. A few days of magnificent music bring joy to thousands and transform the city each year. For others, Shakespeare is a big topic during the 400 year celebrations. Expats can view English language performances at the Shakespeare Festival in the Globe theatre Neuss.

Enjoy our local guide for the state capital of NRW. Readers in the Ruhr Metropolis can see weekly updates of movies with times and locations for original language films on Amazing Ruhr.


Sushi Bars & Asian in Rhine Ruhr

The Rhine Ruhr region of Germany has most definitely not escaped the increased popularity of sushi and other Japanese dishes. A major concentration of excellent sushi bars can be discovered in the state capital of Düsseldorf, some with a tradition reaching back over thirty years.

Jazz Rally Düsseldorf


© Mo' Blow

The annual Dusseldorfer Jazz Rally offers performances by renowned artists and newcomers that inspire audiences year after year. Some concerts are free, most through purchasing the Jazz Rally badge, offering terrific value for money for over 70 events.



© Breuninger

Breuninger brings together fashion, accessories, shoes, beauty and cuisine across a sales area of more than 15,000 square metres. The department store offers a most magnificent shopping experience to discerning customers in the Kö-Bogen, an impressive downtown location.


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MBA Studies

The part-time MBA in General Management of Düsseldorf Business School is primarily designed for participants who have not graduated with a degree. Several factors are crucial for the successful completion of the MBA programme and as a basis for converting acquired knowledge and skills into business practice.

Open Art Surgery

© Colin Sinclair Bartholomew

Everyone who has a love for the arts and mutual respect for artists is invited to enjoy the creative atmosphere of the Open Art Surgery monthly happenings. What makes the inspirational evening program so special is the aspect of interactive communication and exchange between guests and artists.


ISR Summer School


Children playing tug-o-war at the ISR International School Rhine

The ISR International School on the Rhine is offering a Summer School during 2016. This is an opportunity for ISR students and non-students from kindergarten through grade 8 to participate in a unique experience in an international multilingual school environment which is both educational and fun.


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Taxi in Düsseldorf

Taxis in Germany are modern and clean, mostly Mercedes and always beige. They also offer fairly good value for money with most drivers excelling in their professionalism, knowledge, politeness and friendliness. Call any of three numbers for a taxi.

City Topics

© Düsseldorf Marketing & Tourismus

As the State capital, the city represents the seat of power yet the city is tiny in comparison to the megacities of the world. The commercial centre is a pleasantly small collection of streets flanked by parks and the river. Residents are some of the most contented in the world.


State Sights

© Oliver Franke / Tourismus NRW e.V.

Great historical events have shaped NRW and many monuments preserve their memory. Besides the cathedral in Cologne, the Hermann Monument and the burial site of Charlemagne in Aachen, many castles, cathedrals and smaller monuments can be found across the state.


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