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The juxtaposition of small town charm and big city business in Düsseldorf extends also to the fashion business. The city is compact and orderly so consumers need only to travel short distances to find branded items. Especially when compared with such other shopping destinations such as New York, London, Hong Kong or Shanghai.

Big global brands are on the Königallee, with its wide pavements and majestically attractive trees beside the canal. The Altstadt and its sidestreets play host to some younger fashion stores and innovative indiviualistic venues. Farther afiield, small boutiques can be discovered in the districts such as Derendorf, Flingern, Bilk and Oberkassel.

Fashion designers can also be discovered tucked away in the city.

Rita Lagune

rita lagune club couture

Duisburger Strasse 44

40477 Düsseldorf , NRW


Phone: +49 211 230 4420