Delicacies in Düsseldorf

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Delicacies form the spice of life for very many people. Interestingly, a delicacy of one country, or even region, may be perceived differently by residents of another. Here we will stick to the sweet stuff.

Belgians are famed for their nougat, the Swiss for their chocolate and the French for their pastries. The British love to serve delicacies that are often deemed far too sweet and sticky for the palates of other nationalities.

The Germans meanwhile keep a special secret to themselves with Düsseldorf a great location to discover some tasty delights of the highest quality.

Breuninger Confiserie

In Breuninger’s confiserie fascinating creations emerge day by day where opposites such as chili and chocolate blend to a completely new taste experience. Experience a wide range of chocolate truffles, petit fours, tarts and tartlets or pastel shaded macaroons. All hand-made.

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A view inside the confiserie of the fashion emporium Breuninger in Düsseldorf
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