Aachener Platz

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One of the most traditional flea markets or car boot sales in Germany can be found near the Aachener Platz in Düsseldorf. The Trödel und Antikmarkt (bric a brac and antique market) takes place in the borough of Bilk every Saturday morning from six until mid-afternoon.

The centre of attraction is a tent of 1,500 m², which is permanently erected on the market grounds and is where some excellent buys can be found. In winter the tent is heated and in summer the tent doorways are opened up to aid ventilation. Part of the attraction is the Café Sperrmüll, where a live band performs right next to the Bar. All manner of drinks from still water to sparkling wine or homemade hot chocolate, cappuccino, espresso as well as cakes and biscuits are served.

Outside the tent stands large and small, professionals and amateurs, boxes on the ground and fancy displays, old and new, dilapidated and polished all vie for the attention of the punters on the hunt for something special. Or cheap.



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