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Magnificent stores to shop for all desires

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A view of the fashion emporia building at Kö Bogen of Breuninger in Düsseldorf
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What Berlin is to politics and Frankfurt is to banking, Düsseldorf is to shopping. Düsseldorf is a great place to shop, the renowned capital of German fashion, the country’s arbiter of sophistication and style. From super chic boutiques to suburban hypermarkets, Dusseldorf caters to all tastes and budgets.

Shoppers in Düsseldorf are attracted not only from surrounding cities and towns but from neighbouring countries such as The Netherlands as well as destinations further afield such as Dubai. The elegant, see-and-be-seen world of Dusseldorf’s famous Königsallee is a byword for luxury and lavish living.

Shopping in Düsseldorf is a fine experience

Fashion, fast cars, traditional outlets or unique boutiques; Düsseldorf offers everything for even the most discerning clientele. Fashion emporia such as Breuninger offer a fabulous experience as do several shopping malls such as Stilwerk.

Other great areas to shop include the old town (Altstadt) and the narrow streets beyond. Japanese and Asian themes surround the Immermannstarsse and the Shadowstrasse offers more clothing and sports articles.

Malls in Düsseldorf

Arcades and malls in Dusseldorf are mostly installed into the existing architecture, often weaving in, around and through to the next street. They offer the latest and quaintest in fashion, caffeine top ups and food plazas. The purpose built Düsseldorf Arkaden in Bilk offers more open and spacious shopping.

Bric a Brac in Düsseldorf

Car boot sales in Düsseldorf offer everything from antiques, antiquities, new and second hand clothes, books, records, old toys as well as articles of everyday use such toothpaste, batteries or smaller household goods. Special flea markets for children’s wear and toys are also very popular.

Organic Supermarkets

The organic movement has developed with discount chains also offering many products. Alongside the established supermarket giants and small established organic stores under the "Reformhaus" label, organic supermarkets have started to spread across the country.


Essentials and the new eBook

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When moving to a new home in Germany, a few regulations need to be followed. Germany has rules for everything and, as they say, if it isn't regulated then it's not permitted. A few insights and relevant information are packaged in the new eBook. Designed especially to assist the transition to a new home in Düsseldorf.


Expat Service Desk

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The Expat Service Desk offers initial information concerning living and working within the city of Düsseldorf and the county of Mettmann. This official organisation bundles information, networks and institutions. Gain comprehensive support from us on official procedures and aspects of everyday life.


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