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The Goethe Museum is housed in the former Prussian residence Schloss Jägerhof situated next to the central park (Hofgarten) of Dusseldorf.

The publisher Anton Kippenberg collected works related to Goethe for over fifty years and his daughters established an independent foundation in the state capital. The passionate approach of the museum to Goethe’s life reveals fascinating insights into his life, his travels, his acquaintances and loves, his profession as a lawyer and civil servant, research in natural science topic as well as his masterpieces.

Exhibits and paintings of places and regions where Goethe has been, letters, first editions and portraits demonstrate his thinking. A chronological series of rooms offer insights to Goethe’s youth, Werther, Weimar, Italy, Faust and his end, creating an easy pathway through the periods of his life.

The museum possesses some 35,000 objects of which a thousand exhibits are shown in the museum’s beautiful ambience. A scientific reference library with 21,000 books and music of Goethe and his friends is also accessible to those interested in Germany’s most famous son.



Goethe-Museum Anton-und-Katharina-Kippenberg-Stiftung

Jacobistrasse 2

Schloss Jägerhof

40211 Düsseldorf , NRW


Phone: +49 211 899 6262

Fax: +49 211 892 9144

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