Museums in Düsseldorf

A quirky mix of cultural institutions in the state capital of NRW

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The collection of museums and historical attractions in Düsseldorf is surprisingly diverse and visits to these magnificent institutions is often surprising.

The museums of the city of Düsseldorf impress with their well structured, comprehensible displays and sometimes striking locations and architecture. They include the Stadtmuseum, Film Museum, Hetjens Museum of Ceramics and others. Benrath Palace Museum with it’s beautiful gardens has been included on the UNESCO World Heritage List and the Jägerhof stately home hosting the Goethe Museum are both magnificent baroque examples.

Aquazoo Löbbecke Museum

The Aquazoo reveals the history, biotopes, mineralogy and physique of several types of creatures. Viaitors can pass through the living spaces of the tropics, deserts, freshwaters or the corals and view crocodiles, butterflies, seals, otters, penguins, sharks, mudskippers and piranhas.

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Aquazoo Löbbecke Museum Düsseldorf

Kaiserswerther Strasse 380

40474 Düsseldorf , NRW


Phone: +49 211 899 6150


Benrath Palace & Park

Members of royalty have been dropping into Düsseldorf for centuries; some left their mark. Schloss Benrath, which was completed during the 1770's as a house of pleasure, offers visitors insights to impressive late Baroque buildings and equally formidable English style gardens.

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Stiftung Schloss und Park Benrath

Benrather Schlossallee 100-106

40597 Düsseldorf , NRW


Phone: +49 211 899 7140

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Film Museum

The permanent exhibition of the Filmmuseum in the Altstadt reveals insights to the exciting world of movies from its earliest beginnings to present the day. Visitors to the museum can experience the processes of movie production and the impact film has on everybody’s life.

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Filmmuseum Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf

Schulstrasse 4

40213 Düsseldorf , NRW


Phone: +49 211 899 2232


Goethe Museum

The Goethe Museum reveals fascinating insights into his life, his travels, his acquaintances and loves, his profession as a lawyer and civil servant, research in natural science topic as well as his masterpieces. It is located in the Schloss Jägerhof by the Hofgarten central park.

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Goethe-Museum Anton-und-Katharina-Kippenberg-Stiftung

Jacobistrasse 2

40211 Düsseldorf , NRW


Phone: +49 211 899 6262

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Hetjens Museum

The ceramic museum in the Altstadt covers 8,000 years of history. Uniting over 20.000 pieces from every continent, works range from early Anatolian vessels dating around 6,000 BC to antique vases, Italian majolica, picture tiles, East Asian porcelain and contemporary ceramics.

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Hetjens-Museum Düsseldorf Deutsches Keramikmuseum

Schulstrasse 4

40213 Düsseldorf , NRW


Phone: +49 211 899 4210

carnival porcelain figures, Hetjens Museum
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Shipping Museum

Visitors to the Schiffartmuseum can view the history of inland navigation of the river, the development of shipping from the Romans to the present day, tourism, ferries, bridges and harbours. The natural envirinment of the Rhine, fishing and ecological aspects are also addressed.

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Schifffahrt-Museum im Schlossturm

Burgplatz 30

40213 Düsseldorf , NRW


Phone: +49 211 899 4195


Stadt Museum

The best place to discover more about Düsseldorf is the Stadtmuseum. The oldest museum in the city reveals the history, tradition, culture and arts of the both the state capital and the region. Besides its impressive collection, temporary themed exhibitions are a joy to experience.

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Stadtmuseum Düsseldorf

Berger Allee 2

40200 Düsseldorf , NRW


Phone: +49 211 899 6170


Theater Museum

In its permanent exhibition, the Theatermuseum investigates many aspects of theatre including that of the audience. In special themed exhibitions the museum also offers many possibilities to compare and contrast experiences and memories with the objects on display.

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Theatermuseum der Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf

Jägerhofstrasse 1

40479 Düsseldorf , NRW


Phone: +49 211 899 4660