Tour de France in Düsseldorf


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Cyclist Group sprinting image for the Grand Départ, Tour de France 2017
© Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf / Frank Bodenmüller
Two people presenting the Grand Départ, Tour de France 2017
© Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf / Melanie Zanin
Map of the Grand Départ, Day 1 Tour de France 2017
© Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf

Le Grand Départ of the iconic Tour de France in 2017 will be staged in Düsseldorf. Day 1 sees Le Grand Départ commence at the trade fair and congress centre, passing the centre of Düsseldorf then circling across the calm waters of the majestic Rhine. Passing by the delightful district of Oberkassel, cyclists head over another bridge and up the impressive avenue again parallel to the river.

Local residents of the city known by some as “Little Paris” enjoy spectator sports. This event will be warmly welcomed thirty years following the last occasion Le Tour slipped over the border onto German soil.

After commencing in the state capital, Day 2 wil take competitors out of the city to the east through Neanderthal, the famous home of archaic humans. For the first time in the history of the race, cyclists will head back into the city then loop out again to the north, west and then south west. Passing through many towns they cross the Belgium border and on to complete some 200km in Liège.

Many interesting sights will form the backdrop for TV viewers across the globe such as impressive architecture, riverside scenes and excited spectators. Many events and activities will take place.

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Personal Opinion

This is a personal opinion about a special place that was once your writer's home. Fashionistas still roam the inner city and the place has become surprisingly cosmopolitan. Friendly and still an easygoing village, it reveals secret places to eat, refuel, relax and shop.

Events in Düsseldorf

With excellent exhibitions in many art venues and museums and fascinating events almost every month, the kaleidoscope of things to do in Düsseldorf is surprising. Carnival, the Fun Fair, Christmas markets, Japanese and French festivals and the Altstadt all attract the crowds.

Relocating to Düsseldorf

Desirable districts in Düsseldorf include lively Oberkassel, Hafen and Derendorf, the quieter Zoo and Kaiserswerth neighbourhoods and also Flingern or Altstadt for the more adventurous. Consider also such formalities as registration, drivers and pet licenses upon arrival in this rather unique city.


Welcome to Düsseldorf

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A warm welcome to Düsseldorf and Amazing Dusseldorf, a bespoke collection of information for international residents in their foreign location. Whether you are preparing your move, have recently arrived or already a resident, we wish you an very enjoyable stay and much fun navigating your new home.


boot Düsseldorf


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Discover 360° Watersports at boot Düsseldorf. The world's largest boat and water sports trade fair reveals a full nine days of fascination, inspiration, information and fun! Admire some 1,800 yachts and boats on show and experience the indoor creek, go sailing or meet experts and stars.


City Topics

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As the State capital, the city represents the seat of power yet the city is tiny in comparison to the megacities of the world. The commercial centre is a pleasantly small collection of streets flanked by parks and the river. Residents are some of the most contented in the world.


Route Highlights Day 1

Messe Düsseldorf
Japanischer Garten
Rheinpark Golzheim
Rheinterrassen Düsseldorf
NRW Forum
Museum Kunstpalast
Ratinger Tor
Kunstsammlung NRW K20
Deutsche Oper am Rhein
Düsseldorfer Altstadt
Kunstsammlung K21/Ständehaus
Medienhafen/Gehry Bauten
Congress Centre

Events and happenings

A grand affair leading up to and on the day
Date Showing Venue
La Fête du Vélo, Düsseldorf bicycle festival Düsseldorf
Presentation of the teams Burgplatz Düsseldorf
Stage 1 13 km Düsseldorf time trial Rheinpromenade Düsseldorf
Stage 2 202 km Düsseldorf to liège Düsseldorf, Mettmann, Meerbusch, Neuss, Rhein-Kreis Neuss, Kaarst, Niers, Mönchengladbach, Jülich, Aachen
International photo exhibit (from May 19) Town hall Düsseldorf

Route Highlights Day 2

Kunstsammlung K21/Ständehaus
Fundstätte des Neandertalers
Historischer Stadtkern Meerbusch
Rathaus Meerbusch
Industriehafen Neuss
Sportforum Kaarst-Büttgen
Schloss Wickrath mit Wasserschlossanlage Niers
Forschungszentrum Jülich
Zitadelle Jülich
Historisches Rathaus Aachen