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In Düsseldorf every now and then something special takes place. Such happenings can vary from a concert, theatre performance, vernisage, celebration, opening, anniversary, a spontaneous market or a small one off event. The community adores these gatherings.

For instance on the first weekend of July, when lovely Triena and Sina from Crafters are hosting their fourth Craft Beer Festival. Over 80 brands of craft beer, 5 local bands playing live music and several food trucks will sooth the palates and delight the senses of expats and nationals alike. An impressive list of international micro breweries lined up to attend promises a terrific response.

Roncalli’s Apollo Varieté


Couple eating dinner at table in variety theatre
© Apollo

The current production takes the audience to a magical cosmos and places the question - is it a dream, recollection or hallucination? More than just theatre - artistry and dance, music and laughter speak a language that every international guest can understand. Roncalli’s Apollo Varieté offers a unique show & dine experience.


Sansibar by Breuninger

A view inside the Sansibar restaurant of the fashion emporium Breuninger in Düsseldorf
© Breuninger

The Sansibar by Breuninger restaurant is on the first floor of the Breuninger emporium located in the Kö-Bogen. Enticing its patrons to linger and enjoy, healthy oysters and fresh fish, famous currywurst, tasty vegan, succulant burgers or delightful salads, soups and desserts await discovery.


boot Düsseldorf



boot Düsseldorf, the largest water sports trade fair in the world sets new standards year after year. January 2019 excites with a 50th anniversary celebration. 250,000 visitors from 102 nations can view a wide range of desirable craft and accessories while interacting with over 2,000 exhibitors from 70 countries.


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