Happenings in Düsseldorf


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In Düsseldorf every now and then something special takes place. Such happenings can vary from a concert, theatre performance, vernisage, celebration, opening, anniversary, a spontaneous market or a small one off event. The community adores these gatherings.

For instance on the first weekend of July, when lovely Triena and Sina from Crafters are hosting their fourth Craft Beer Festival. Over 80 brands of craft beer, 5 local bands playing live music and several food trucks will sooth the palates and delight the senses of expats and nationals alike. An impressive list of international micro breweries lined up to attend promises a terrific response.

Essentials and the new eBook

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When moving to a new home in Germany, a few regulations need to be followed. Germany has rules for everything and, as they say, if it isn't regulated then it's not permitted. A few insights and relevant information are packaged in the new eBook. Designed especially to assist the transition to a new home in Düsseldorf.


Activities & Happenings

What's on when and where
Date Showing Venue
DBG: The Palace of Westminster and the History of the English Parliament - Talk by John Batty Goethe Museum, Schloss Jägerhof
DBG: The V & A Jewellery Collection/Barbara Cartilge - Talk by Beatrice Chadour Goethe Museum, Schloss Jägerhof