Happenings in Düsseldorf


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In Düsseldorf every now and then something special takes place. Such happenings can vary from a concert, vernisage, celebrations to mark an opening or anniversary, a spontaneous market or a small one off event. The community loves these gatherings.

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Hofgarten Concerts

A varied and illustrious array of artists and groups perform on Sunday mornings offering audiences anything from jazz and pop to folk music, classical and choirs. Every year from May to September, musicians perform for up to an hour from 11am onwards.

Cartwheeling Tournament

This fascinating event has been held annually in Düsseldorf since the mid nineteen hundreds. Traditionally performed openly on the streets by children as a sign of happiness and joy, the symbol has long been adopted by the city. The display delights spactators along the beautiful promenade of the Rhine.

Gourmet Festival

The Düsseldorf Gourmet Festival is an explosion of impressions for all the senses. Quality wines and other beverages, delicious foods and tasty delicacies are on offer along the stunning Königsallee. Over one hundred exhibitors are packed along the Kö and some 30.000 visitors are expected.


Activities & Happenings

What's on when and where
Date Showing Venue
Kunstpunkte (From September 2) To be confirmed Ateliers and Offs in Düsseldorf
Kunstpunkte (From September 9) To be confirmed Ateliers and Offs in Düsseldorf