Exhibitions in Düsseldorf


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Magnificent works of art are shown at exhibitions in Düsseldorf runnuing at art venues and museums at most times throughout the year.

Diverse art venues and museums in Dusseldorf present well-selected selections of some their fine pieces, unable as they are to show their extensive collections as a whole. Furthermore, most of their periodic exhibits reveal a depth of understanding often unseen in other countries. This, paired with magnificent research and comprehensive insight, reveals a delight for both the eye and the intellect.

Local museums are also able to benefit from their international reputation to create stunning exhibitions of the finest and sometimes rarest works from across the globe.

Current Exhibitions

Exhibits run through to the final day shown in the table
Date Showing Venue
Lotte Reiniger und der absolute Film Film Museum
Abraham Mignon - Augenschmaus (from February 17) Museum Kunstpalast
Peter Lindbergh & Garry Winogrand - Women on Street (from February 3) NRW Forum
Thomas Mailaender - The Fun Archive (from February 3) NRW Forum
Otto Dix – Der böse Blick (from February 11) K20 Grabbeplatz
Der Kampf ums Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus (from January 27) Theater Museum
Marcel Broodthaers. Eine Retrospektive (from March 4) K21 Ständehaus
Malte Bruns. Tremors (from March 11) KIT – Kunst im Tunnel
Idea et inventio - Italienische Zeichnungen des 15. und 16. Jahrhunderts (from March 24) Museum Kunstpalast
Mythos Tour de France (from May 19) NRW Forum
Beauty is a rare thing (from April 14) Museum Kunstpalast
Cranach. Meister - Marke - Moderne (from April 8) Museum Kunstpalast
Art et Liberté: Umbruch, Krieg und Surrealismus in Ägypten 1938–1948 (from July 15) K20 Grabbeplatz
Andreas Achenbach - Revolutionär und Malerfürst (from July 7) Museum Kunstpalast
Der große Durst- Emailgläser (from June 16) Museum Kunstpalast
Unreal - Eine Virtual-Reality-Ausstellung (from May 27) NRW Forum
in orbit - Tomás Saraceno (from March) K21 Ständehaus
Wegen Umbau geöffnet K20 Grabbeplatz
Axel Hütte - Night and Day (from September 23) Museum Kunstpalast
Radierfolgen und Ruhm der Tiepolo (from October 20) Museum Kunstpalast
Jan Fišar - Arbeiten (from November 10) Museum Kunstpalast