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Artists on stage at Düsseldorf Festival in  Düsseldorf on Amazing Düsseldorf
© Benoit Fontaine
Stage performer at Düsseldorf Festival in  Düsseldorf on Amazing Düsseldorf
© Mattias Edwall
Artists on stage at Düsseldorf Festival in  Düsseldorf on Amazing Düsseldorf
© Patrick Berger

The düsseldorf festival! is a magnificent and vibrant collection of performing arts, most of which takes place in a huge yet surprisingly intimate marquee. The atmosphere has been defined throughout by the delightful founders and their courage to attract new artists to the heart of the Altstadt (old town) of Düsseldorf.

The annual festival draws audiences from both near and far. Dance, performance, theatre, nouveau cirque, music of many genres all form part of a concept that defines itself through experimentation and change year after year.

The festival usually commences mid September and runs for over two weeks. An inspiring selection of national and international artists manage to create spectacular and sophisticated entertainment that touches the soul of audiences. Besides the theatre tent on Burgplaz acts are performed in churches, office buildings, on improvised stages, in industrial buildings and open air.

Growing steadily since 1991 when it whas known as the altstadtherbst (old town autumn) this cultural festival has achieved wide popularity and acclaim across the state, the nation and internationally for its experimental and offbeat performances. The festival is a real feast with new performances creating astonishing results.

Swan Lake – Dada Masilo / The Dance Factory, Mass B – Fêtes galantes, Limits – Cirkus Cirkör, Les Limbes – Etienne Saglio / Monstre(s), Pixel – Compagnie Käfig, Cirkopolis – Cirque Éloize. are all part of the selection of performances with links in the tab below. Many more can be found in the festival timetable.




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A selection of impressive stage performances
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