Christmas Tree Cutting

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The decorated family Christmas tree and beautiful dog Kiva.
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Numerous American families follow a wonderful tradition in rural regions of the United States at this time of year. A drive out to snowy (or not) woodlands is followed by a journey of discovery to find the “right” spruce or fir tree. Their choice “Tannenbaum” is then felled, dragged to their vehicle and transported home.

Cutting down your own Christmas tree is a magnificent experience. Fortunately for expats living in the region, you can uphold the age old tradition of felling a Christmas tree in the vicinity of Düsseldorf too.

Christmas trees that may be from Germany are sold on many street corners and squares throughout Düsseldorf. Large stores such as IKEA and OBI also sell them. Most originate in Norway or Denmark. What they all have in common is a long journey as well as the length of time before reaching the customer. There is another option.

Fir (Tanne) and spruce trees (Fichte) await to be felled in a few places around Düsseldorf. Some only allow cutting on certain days, often the last weekend of Advent, while freshly pre-cut trees can be purchased on other days. Schlosshof Garath in Düseldorf appears to allow selection for each and every tree they sell. Gut Diepensiepen in Ratingen comes a very close second with what seems to be the same concept. Both allow you to cut personally or will fell the chosen Christmas tree for you.

As anyone abroad who has watched a kitsch seasonal movie will know, decorating one’s own freshly cut tree is a marvellous experience. The beautiful scent is more intense and normally less needles are dropped. All that remains is to pile presents around the base, gather together, grab some eggnog and read Dr. Seuss’ “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”.

A very merry Christmas and enjoy!

Christmas Market Düsseldorf


The pretty Christmas market stands in front of Carschhaus department store in Düsseldorf
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Varied and beautiful, themed collections of Christmas market booths can be found across the centre of Düsseldorf. Traditional German gingerbread, marzipan, roasted chestnuts and mulled wine are on offer to tease the palate. Artisan crafts such as crib figures can also be seen.


Ferris Wheel


The big wheel by night with bright lights in Düsseldorf
© Oscar Bruch

The "Wheel of Vision" is an impressive structure placed on the Burgplatz next to both the Rhine promenade and the old town (Altstadt). Forty two capsules offer spectacular views across the river, the town as well as the Christmas markets and decorations during the dark evening hours.


Ice Rink DEG Winter World


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Ice skaters and Christmas revellers will adore the new DEG Winter World ice rink on the Königsallee for the first time this year. For beginners and the practiced, young and older skaters alike, a full 1700 square metres of smooth icy surface offer plenty of space as well as an opportunity to enjoy this impressive location.




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