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The pretty Christmas market stands in front of Carschhaus department store in Düsseldorf
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The unique atmosphere of traditional German Christmas casts locals and visitors from all over the world under its spell every year. Several historic Christmas Markets in Düsseldorf are highly popular due to the enchanting festive atmosphere they evoke.

Various themed collections of small booths can be found across the city centre. Traditional German gingerbread, marzipan, roasted chestnuts (Kastanien) and mulled wine (Glühwein) all tease the palate.

Artisan crafts such as crib figures, toys, wood carvings, marionettes and candles make perfect individual Christmas presents as do other merchandise and produce on offer.

A Christmas market for every taste

Seven Christmas markets in central Düsseldorf are located on a few open spaces and along several streets. A children’s roundabout forms part of the Marktplatz market at city hall. Traditionally, many locals come here after work. Meanwhile, the stylish Engelchenmarkt (little angel) market beside Carschhaus includes the popular bar in the historic bandstand. Flingerstrasse Christmas market in the old town presents a medieval flavour again. Many people gather for Glühwein at the towering stand close to Carschaus.

In contrast, the lenthy Schadowstrasse is more open and appears more Scandinavian. Sternchenmarkt (little star) behind Germany’s first highrise with the delighful Bazzar cafe offers a cosy, family feel and the Märchenmarkt (fairy tale) on Schadowplatz presents a southern German influence with the brothers Grimm. Finally, the more recent Kö-Bogen reveals a unique atmosphere next to the Hofgarten park and still waters of the Düssel.

A Christmas market recommendation

This editor’s favourite of white mulled wine (less sweet than red) and a variety of pizza from Alsace (Flammkuchen) can be found in front of the town hall (Rathaus) along with other specialities.

Don’t miss the Königsallee, which wears a stunningly beautiful robe of lights at this time of year too.

boot Düsseldorf


luxury boats at trade fair
© Messe Düsseldorf

boot Düsseldorf is the world's largest water sports trade fair that sets new standards year after year. January 2020 offers visitors a new layout. Some 250,000 visitors from 100 nations can view a wide range of desirable craft and accessories while interacting with over 2,000 exhibitors from 70 countries.


Ferris Wheel


The big wheel by night with bright lights in Düsseldorf
© Oscar Bruch

The "Wheel of Vision" is an impressive structure placed on the Burgplatz next to both the Rhine promenade and the old town (Altstadt). Forty two capsules offer spectacular views across the river, the town as well as the Christmas markets and decorations during the dark evening hours.


Ice Rink DEG Winter World


© holzrichterkommunikation

Ice skaters and Christmas revellers will adore the new DEG Winter World ice rink on the Königsallee for the first time this year. For beginners and the practiced, young and older skaters alike, a full 1700 square metres of smooth icy surface offer plenty of space as well as an opportunity to enjoy this impressive location.




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