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Visitors to boot 2017 can expect nine days of fascination, inspiration and information covering sailing, motorboating, large yachts, yacht equipment, diving, marine tourism, trend sports, angling, paddling and simple fun!

First Stationary Deep Water Wave

A nine metre wide stationary or standing wave invites visitors to surf at the new Surfers Village. Located between chill-out bars, hip surf fashions and the latest boards, a feat of engineering awaits. THE WAVE boasts a unique Deep Water Surf system that enables surfing on standard surf boards with fins. Waves with heights of 1-1.5m and water depth of 1.4m create a much more realistic surf feel. Guaranteed to be fun for professionals, children or beginners. Pre-book a slot online free of charge.

World of Super Yachts

A dream to view, all super yacht market leaders are on board. Representing the cream of the crop currently on offer, visitors can see a magnificent display of 60 vessels up to 30 metres. Exclusive yacht-building projects, scale models of luxury yachts, upstream suppliers, designers and architects will prove that the sky is the limit in yacht building at the Super Yacht Show.

Also new in 2017, boot INTERIOR is focused on interior design and furnishings for mega yachts showing spa areas with state-of-the-art technology, low-noise cabins and elaborate materials for exclusive designs.

Popular Accessories

Engines and technical supplies, equipment and instruments, power supply systems, whether classic gen-sets or solar energy systems, efficient propellers and the premiere of a turbo-charged diesel outboard engine are on display.

Giant Sailing Sports Centre

Some 360 manufacturers of sailing boats and yachts, multi-hull yachts, cats, day-sailors and dinghies are represented. Thus boot is very broad-based and the world’s most important fair for all forms and classes of sailing. No desire is left unfulfilled.

Committed to promoting young sailing talents for many years, the current figurehead is Düsseldorf yachtswoman Constanze Stolz, who is heading for Tokyo’s 2020 Olympic Games. Sailing sports form a another pillar and hundreds of newcomers are attracted to the water where big wind machines supply the right breeze in the Sailing School. Since protection of the sea is also important, boot Düsseldorf will announce a new cooperation with Monaco’s Prince Albert II Foundation and the German Maritime Foundation.

Diving and Diving Destinations

Diving is in, great fun and becoming ever more popular. Diving gear, suits and state-of-the-art equipment are in high demand. Once again international top vendors of the most beautiful pastime in the world will be exhibited.

Highly popular and exotic diving travel destinations at boot whisk visitors away to dreamlike underwater worlds of the Philippines, Azores, Fuerteventura, Indonesia, Portugal, Honduras and Sardinia. Excellent inland water diving conditions are presented in the fascinating underwater world of Lake Hallstätter.

Visitors can immerse themselves with full diving gear in the 6 × 4.6m large and 1.80 m deep pool. A suit, compressed air bottle, diving regulator and fins are provided free of charge.

Beach Resorts and Cruises

See hotels and club resorts that are located by the sea or inland waters at the new Beach Resort area. All stand out from the rest by offering a wide range of water sports for active guests. Those preferring to spend their dream holidays solely on the water are well catered for at the Cruise Pavilion where market leaders in this industry present cruising hot spots.

Unique Atmosphere

Placed centre stage during the midst of winter, 1,800 exhibitors, 60 countries, 220,000 square metres, 17 exhibition halls provide a holiday feeling and dreams of summer. Experience an exciting 360° insight into the entire water sports world at boot 2017 in Düsseldorf.



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Ticket categories for boot are as follows:

Entrance adult €17 online, €23 at the door valid 1 day
Entrance reduced €10 online, €11 at the door valid 1 day (proof of eligiblity required)
Entrance accompanied child aged 7-12 yrs € 6 online, €6 at the door valid 1 day
Entrance adult €11 online, €14 at the door valid half day )Mon-Fri from 3pm
Entrance adult €25 online, €32 at the door valid 2 days

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Tickets for boot can be purchased directly at the Messe Düsseldorf online shop

Highlights in Brief

  • 1,800 exhibitors from 60 countries in 17 exhibition halls
  • THE WAVE, the first Standing Deep Water Wave
  • Excursion into the world of super yachts
  • boot INTERIOR presents furnishings for the luxury segment
  • Sailing sports in Halls 14 to 17 with over 360 exhibitors
  • 670,000 people take to diving every year