Book Fair in Düsseldorf


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Known in German as the “Bücherbummel”, the book fair on the Königsallee in Düsseldorf is an essential part of the urban cultural programme. Hundreds of thousands of people annually visit the book stalls that line the pavements on the city’s most famous street.

The atmosphere of the consumers paradise is uniquely transformed for some ten days giving the boulevard a relaxed, quieter and almost bohemian flavour.

Germany’s largest open air book festival is in Düsseldorf

This largest of open air book festivals also involves the vigorous literature days with literary events, musical performances, cabaret, and theatre. Besides the activities on the Kö, various public establishments, bookstores, antiquarian shops, publishing houses, literary and cultural institutions open their doors.

Dating from the mid nineteen-eighties, one of the goals has always been to assist creating new generations of bookworms. Though the language barrier is ever present, a visit to the book fair and its treasures can prove highly inspiring.



Bücherbummel auf der Kö e.V.

Uhlandstrasse 26

40237 Düsseldorf , NRW


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